Products and Pricing

Hay $4 per bale (delivery available in the Lee, MA area for additional fee)

Roving (natural color) $2 per oz

Roving (dyed) $3 per oz

Pin Drafted Roving (natural color) $2.10 per oz

Quilt Batting (90″x90″) $70

Pencil Roving (4oz) $9

Pencil Roving (dyed, 4 oz) $11

Yarn (natural color) $3.75 per oz

Yarn (dyed) $4.75 per oz

Fleeces available – see link for fleeces

Native Honey $10 per pound

Maple Syrup $7 (half pint)

Pumpkins – Prices vary, visit our farm stand

Lambs and Breeding Stock – contact us for more info

Lamb Meat (prices per pound):  Leg $14, Ground/Stew $12, Rack/Chops $20, Shank/Shoulder $8, Rib/Sirloin $14

Native and Live Edge Lumber – Call for availability




325 Fairview St.  –  Lee, MA 01238